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Why You Need An Attorney

The music industry is built on two things: talent and deals.  Go Forth Music guest blogger Shay M. Lawson, Esq. explains why you need an attorney to act on your behalf when making your agreements.

1. Nothing is Face Value

In the music industry, what is discussed is often not reflected in the written agreement that is signed. At first glance the terms may seem to be the same, but the small print of the contract may negate other portions and often tend to be entirely one-sided without providing ways to get paid to get out of the contract (among a plethora of other things). It is in your best interest to have an experienced pair of eyes look at you agreements.

2.Reassurance is Priceless

A great young attorney I know summed it up well: “If you are dealing with enough money to get angry about, you should get a contract.” Even if the people you are dealing with seem trustworthy and/or you have some kind of history with them, consider what will happen if things don’t pan out as planned. You want to have the reassurance that you have a way to get paid or that you have a way to prove that the agreement is as you believed it to be at the beginning of business.

3. Business Will Be Conducted As Business

With the correct team in place you will be taken seriously by those who are conducting business with you. When people you deal with know that you are serious enough about your business to hire an attorney, they’ll be sure to be on their Ps and Qs. Your career is an investment and the return on your investment is only as strong as the team around you. An attorney is an important part of your team who ensures all your ducks are in a row.

The purpose of this article is to foster an open dialogue and not to establish firm policies or best practices. Needless to say, this is not a substitute for legal advice. In any particular case, you should consult with lawyers experienced in the field you are in and licensed within your state. Depending on your specific situation, answers other than those outlined in this blog may be appropriate.

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