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Presenting Hear Here: The Fall 2010 Go Forth Music Emerging Artists Compilation

Make your pledge here: http://kck.st/cqehjJ

We’re attempting to raise $1500 to manufacture, distribute, and promote our first compilation album, “Hear Here: The Fall 2010 Go Forth Music Emerging Artists Compilation.”

We’ve received over 700 submissions from artists across the country and have chosen 12 very special, talented musicians and bands. The artists span genres including Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Country.

Our goal is to distribute the compilation digitally (via Bandcamp) and physically (via Dropcard and Limited Edition CD) to at least 20 US college campuses. We plan on doing this through our network of college reps. The compilation serves as a special hands-on opportunity for this group of college students. As participants, they get to attend seminars with industry professionals on subjects like fan-funding, A&R, marketing & promotion, PR, and digital distribution. They will be responsible for promoting the compilation to fellow students and campus tastemakers (radio stations, DJs, student activities offices, bloggers, event promoters, etc.). Ultimately, we want the artists involved to get exposure on these campuses (radio airplay, interviews with campus publications, bookings for campus shows) and the college reps to come away with a valuable learning experience.

The reason we need your donations is because we’re not charging any of the participants for anything: the artists don’t have to pay a participation fee, and the college students don’t have to pay anything. We’re giving the compilation away free of charge. Your contribution will help make this possible!

Here’s how we’ll use the money:
- Manufacturing Dropcards for campus distribution (students)
- Manufacturing Limited Edition CDs for campus distribution (students and campus tastemakers)
- Printing mass press kits for students to use when promoting the album on their campus
- Distributing all of the materials to college reps

In exchange for your contribution, we have some great rewards lined up for you (listed to the right). They include exclusive project updates and content (artist interviews, behind-the-scenes video from the Go Forth Music crew), early access to compilation tracks, Hear Here stickers, your name and a link to your website on our website, a limited edition copy of the compilation (60 copies available), an autographed copy of the Limited Edition CD (20 copies available), and your name in the liner notes of the CD as either an associate producer, producer or co-executive producer.

So, help some emerging artists get well-deserved exposure and some college students get a great educational experience. Please contribute to Hear Here: The Fall 2010 Go Forth Music Emerging Artists Compilation!



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