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5 Tips For Using Next Big Sound to Increase Online Effectiveness

In today’s Best Practices feature, guest blogger Laura Carroll of Next Big Sound gives readers some insight into how to use the popular music industry analytics suite to your advantage.

1. PINPOINTING YOUR FAN BASE – With the global nature of the internet, it is so incredibly important to recognize where your far-reaching promotional efforts are sticking and where they need to be reevaluated. Location-based information can be used to streamline promotional efforts, reach out to previously untouched markets, and to book tour dates that are much more likely to be effective and successful. Next Big Sound shows you exactly where your fans are, giving you a clear visualization of your following on a global scale.

2. ANALYZING YOUR ONLINE EFFICIENCY – With Next Big Sound’s Graph feature, you are able to track your presence on a variety of popular websites in real time. Having a breakdown of fan activity on each site lets you know which sites are helping you expand your fan base and which ones need to be revitalized. With the amount of information on the internet growing daily and exponentially, many artists end up beating the dead horse when it comes to promotional efforts. Knowing your online strengths and weaknesses is essential to successfully generating internet buzz and not getting lost in an ever-expanding sea of information. Next Big Sound gives you the information you need to make the most of all of your online resources and ultimately expand your internet following.

3. ASSESSING YOUR LIVE PERFORMANCES – With a day-to-day analysis of online popularity, you are able to find out how many new fans you are reaching as a result of playing concerts. As live performances become an increasingly important element in sustaining a musical career, it is essential that your concerts are connecting with people and increasing your fan base. Next Big Sound allows you to track fluctuations in your online following in relation to your tour dates, showing you just how effective your live show is when it comes to gaining new fans and strengthening bonds with old ones.

4. TRACKING YOUR BUZZ – With Next Big Sound’s Event Stream feature, you are able to track virtually any online activity surrounding your band, from blog mentions to album reviews and everything in between. Word spreads fast in the digital age, and being able to track online word-of-mouth can be extremely useful when it comes to capitalizing on the huge numbers of people that many online publications are connecting with. Reaching out to online resources that support what you are doing can get your music heard by a larger audience of listeners who are likely to enjoy it.

5. INCREASING YOUR INTERNET VISIBILITY – One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to optimize online effectiveness is to place your music on any website you can think of. Next Big Sound obtains metrics from several different sources, so if you find one that you aren’t using, start now! Many of these sites are free of cost and they all work to increase your visibility online. The easier you make it for people to listen to your music, the more people will listen to it (and ultimately purchase it).

Editor’s Note: Having used Next Big Sound for a big digital marketing campaign, I can verify that the tool is great for helping artists do everything Laura described above.  We used data gathered from Next Big Sound to help define our online audience, refine our marketing strategy, and assess how the campaign was progressing.  If you’re looking to improve and/or better understand your online performance, make sure to give Next Big Sound a try. Also, check out our interview with Next Big Sound’s founder, Alex White, for more insight into the tool’s benefits.

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