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Email Mailing Lists for Musicians and Bands

Building and managing relationships with fans is more important in today’s music industry than ever. ¬†People have so many options to choose from when it comes to bands and musicians to support. Aside from creating music that people actually want to hear (THE most important factor to building a sustainable career as a musician), direct communication is a great way to connect and build relationships with fans.

Email mailing lists are an ideal way to directly connect with your fans for a few reasons:

They’re easy to set-up and maintain.

Setting up an email list is simple. You sign up for an email newsletter service (like MailChimp or FanBridge), collect email addresses using sign-up sheets at your gigs and sign-up forms on your website, and send emails out to fans.

They allow you to contact specific, targeted groups of fans.

When set up the right way, your email list can allow you to determine what information your fans find relevant and send out targeted messages when the time comes. For instance, if you collect geographic information (such as city and state) along with your email addresses, you can send your Memphis, TN fans a message the next time you perform in the area.

They give you an accurate picture of fan engagement.

Certain newsletter services allow you to see information such as who opens your messages, where they’re located when they open the message, and what links they clicked on within the message. ¬†Having this information is beneficial when coming up with marketing campaigns and touring schedules, among other things.

Make sure you’re collecting email addresses at all of your shows and on your website. ¬†To help you out, we’ve provided an email signup form you can use at live gigs. Download it here:¬†Email List Template – Print¬†(right-click)

We’ll spend the rest of the week focusing on email newsletters and mailing lists and illustrating some of the advantages described above. ¬†Wednesday’s “The List” ¬†will have a few tips a techniques for building and making the best use of your email list. This Thursday’s “Tools You Can Use” column will be all about email newsletter services like FanBridge and MailChimp.

How do you use your email newsletter? Let us know in the comments section!

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