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The Go Forth Music Gameplan: Year End 2010

It’s been a great few months at Go Forth Music…we’ve posted our first articles, had some great guest commentary, and hosted a live meetup in New York City.  We’re going to spend the rest of the year prepping our readers for the new year. Here’s what we’ll focus on:

  • The Business of Songwriting: Artists need to know about copyright, publishing, and performing rights organizations. We have a few articles explaining everything, as well as an exclusive interview with Compound Entertainment songwriter Prissy Polet.
  • A Musician’s Guide to Kickstarter: We started this series earlier this year and will finish it before the year ends.
  • Building Your Team: Another series we started that every musician should  read going into the new year.  Know who needs to be on your business team and what role each person plays.

Make sure to check back daily starting Monday for new informative articles.  Also, sign up for our newsletter for weekly music business news and site updates. See you soon!

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