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Electronic Press Kits for Bands and Musicians: 5 Essential Components

Electronic Press Kits, or EPKs, are key to displaying your level of professionalism to potential fans, investors, and publicity/performance outlets.  A well-designed EPK will let you control the message you want to send to the press as a band/musician and efficiently get information to your target audience. Below are 5 essential components of a great EPK.

  • Biography – The person reading your EPK wants to get to know you as a musical act.  A well-written bio will give the reader insight into who you are, what your music is about, and how you fit into their playlist (if they’re a potential fan) or opportunity (promoter/venue, record label, print publication, etc.).
  • High Resolution Press Photos – The reader wants to see what you look like.  Make sure to include your best high quality press photo. Often, publications will use this photo along with an article they print about you. Promoters also use press photos for show flyers/posters.
  • Tour Dates – Always include your upcoming tour/performance dates. It gives potential fans, investors, and press members a chance to come watch your band do what you do best: make great music.
  • Press Mentions – Press is one of those weird areas of business; the more press you have, the more publicity and performance opportunities you seem to get.  If you’ve never had press, it can be a long road to getting a credible mention.  When using your EPK to pitch to opportunities, make sure to include quotes from (and links to) any previous press you’ve received.  While some publications and opportunities like to be tastemakers and relish in the fact that they might be the first publication writing about you or venue hosting your performance, many rely on other peoples opinions as an indicator of your ability to draw an audience to their publication/show.
  • MUSIC – This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many press kits we’ve received for various opportunities that did not include music.  While all of the components mentioned above are important to shaping your EPK’s presentation and story, your message is pretty much Dead On Arrival without your music. Your latest single should be the first record presented, along with an EP, album preview, or full album (depending on the opportunity).
Popular online EPK platforms include Sonicbids and ReverbNation. Go Forth Music also offers a service to create your EPK, complete with bio, photo selection, one-sheet creation, and more. Check out the service here.

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