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DIY Music Resources: Low-Budget Publicity, Booking Agents, and a Social Media Roadmap

Today’s DIY Rundown looks at articles about subjects every DIY musician comes across: low-budget publicity, crooked booking agents, and social media.

“5 Ways to Stay Public When You Can’t Afford a Publicist” (Audible Hype)

Coming up with ways to get attention and stay in the public eye as a DIY musician is difficult, and finding the time to support a publicity campaign is even harder.  Kosha Dillz, a DIY musician, wrote this very useful post on Audible Hype about creative DIY publicity. I especially like the bonus tip: Be Relentless (with boundaries). Read the full article here. (via Hypebot)

Top 3 Ways To Tell That You’re Getting Ripped Off By A Club Or Booker

Clubs and Booking Agents take advantage of DIY musicians all the time. CD Baby recently published this article pointing out helpful “tells” of a crooked booker. Of note: having to pay just to play at an event. (via Hypebot)

An Artist RoadMap to Social Media

Brendan Moore (@webmusicguy) of Receptive Music created one of my new favorite infographics for DIY Musicians: the “Artist Roadmap to Social Media”. Check it out by clicking the link. It’s a great illustration of how and when musicians should use the different social media tools at their disposal. Key line: “Only use what you can use effectively.  Focus on quality, not quantity of your networks.” That’s the first conversation with have with potential clients. (via MusicThinkTank)


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