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Building A Team: The Manager…Beyond the 15%

Your Manager should be your right hand man, but they shouldn’t just be your “Yes Man”; they should also bring some objectivity to your life.  They must believe in your music and talent as much as you do, if not more.  They must be dedicated and able to devote lots of time to the cultivation of your career.  Your Manager is in it all…the creative process, building your image, bookings and touring, etc.

A great Manager is someone who thinks outside the box and see the whole picture…while you’re on step 1, they’re thinking about step 10.  You’re personal manager is most important because they are the ones who expand your career to its maximum potential.  They are there in every major business decision you make.  They are the life-line between you the rest of the industry and world, so make sure this is someone you trust and have a great relationship with.  Your manager should also be a great communicator because they essentially head the rest of your team and have to be able to effectively communicate the direction your career is going.

When you’re looking for a personal manager, look for someone who is bright, motivated and has tons of energy, and never overlook a bright aggressive young manager who is will to do anything for your career just because they don’t have a proven track record…we don’t always start out big.

Check back tomorrow for La-Vaughnda’s take on the lawyer’s role. Go Forth will also be publishing two Rundowns: The Manager and The Lawyer.  Each list will highlight essential qualities, deal points, and best practices you can use when hiring your newest team member.

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