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Building A Team: Part 1 – The Foundation

Any musician/artist who is looking to build a successful and long career in the music industry MUST have a dedicated and resourceful team of people backing them up.  Your team is everything.  They must be individuals who believe not only in you, but also in your music and your vision.

A great team that communicates your vision effectively in all formats is essential to maximizing your career and essentially your net worth.  As an artist, you are a business, a brand, or in the words of Jay-Z, “[you’re] not a businessman, [you’re] a business, man…” so you have to think and act accordingly.  But because you are a creative soul, you must focus your energies on your craft and your creativity. You must find astute, energetic business-minded people to handle everything else.  In the end, you’re only one person so you can’t do it all.

To succeed in today’s music industry, you have to operate efficiently, but before you go building your team, you have to be sure that you’re ready for a team and taking your music to the next level.  You have to plan your career as if it isn’t going to last (one of the harsh realities in this industry) but also be prepared for superstardom and all that it entails.  Every musician, especially the most successful, has to have a clear vision of who they are and what their music is.  Having this clear vision will make the road to choosing your team a lot easier.

As with any team, everyone plays their role, but in this industry, there are essentially four key players on your team:

  1. Manager
  2. Attorney
  3. Business Manager
  4. The Fans

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the manager’s role. We’ll also post some resources you can use when trying to find a manager. Make sure you get all of our updates by signing up for our email list.

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