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We’re Back from Our Break

After an extended break, we’re glad to get back to publishing news and articles you can use on Go Forth Music and The Music Business Minute. Check out what’s in store for you in the coming months:

A New Publishing Schedule

The Music Business Minute Newsletter will only be published once weekly, beginning on Friday, July 27th. That means only one email from us each week. Here’s what you can expect from the Go Forth Music website going forward, beginning July 27th:

Mondays – Best Practices:

We’ll begin each week focusing on a strategy or technique you can use as a musician or music industry entrepreneur. We’ll look at what you can do to make the business side of your life either more effective, more profitable, or both and explore how you can implement them into your overall business strategy.

Tuesdays – Series of the Month:

Each month, we’ll focus on an essential aspect of a musician’s business toolkit. Next Tuesday, we’ll kick it off with our long-awaited Digital Music Strategy series.

Wednesdays – The List:

A brief post using lists to breaking down tools and strategies you can use to make your business run better. For example, check out 5 Essential EPK Components and 3 Lessons from Julia Nunes’ Kickstarter Project.

Thursdays – Tools You Can Use:

An in-depth look at a tool you can add to your arsenal to make business or creativity easier.

Fridays – The Music Business Minute:

A run-down of the week’s most important music business news, curated by Go Forth Music and sent to your inbox.

Other Columns:

We’ll continue to publish popular columns such as “The Legal Corner.” We’re also working on a new column, the “Independent Artist Spotlight,” that will present in-depth case studies of DIY artists who have achieved significant success. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn from techniques that have and haven’t worked for them and implement some of their strategies into your own. Look out for that this Fall.

A New and Improved Go Forth Directory

We tried something a while ago, The Go Forth Music Store, that attempted to provide services from vetted industry professionals to DIY musicians at pre-packaged prices. It didn’t work, but we learned from it. Now, we’re working on the Go Forth Music directory. It’s kind of like an Angie’s List for musicians, and we’re excited about it! In one place, you’ll be able to find information and reviews on tools and services available to add to your arsenal. You’ll also be able to find listings from professionals in areas such as graphic design, mastering, mixing, recording, video production, publicity, and web design. It should go live in early Fall.

The Conclusion to the Crowdfunding Series

In October 2010, we started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter  for a compilation album, Hear Here. While the Kickstarter project was fully funded, we weren’t able to complete the album. One reason, which will be addressed in the series conclusion, is that we didn’t make our budget big enough. We’ll publish the conclusion to this series in September. Also, if you made a contribution to our Kickstarter project, look for a separate email from us next month.

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