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7 Ways Musicians Can Make the Most of Email Newsletters

You’ve started collecting addresses for your email list and signed up for an email newsletter management service.  Now it’s time to write an engaging newsletter for your fans. Here are 7 tips you and your band can use to build your email list and communicate with your fans:

Make it easy to sign up, and offer an incentive.

Put sign-up forms in plain view on your website and social media profile pages.  Also, consider offering some type of incentive to get fans interested in subscribing to your newsletter. Giving away an exclusive song in exchange for an email address is a great way to get something from fans that you need while giving them something that they want from you.  Everybody wins. To give music away when someone signs up, look for an email newsletter management service with an autoresponder feature.

Set expectations with subscribers.

On the sign-up form (or in the autoresponder message you send after someone subscribes) let your fans know exactly what you’ll be sending email messages for (e.g. to notify them about tour dates, share new music with them, premiere new videos).  Also, try to set up a schedule so fans know when to expect to hear from you (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Send targeted emails that give your fans relevant information.

Make sure you’re giving your fans information they actually want to know about.  One way to do this is by looking at open and click rates from previous email newsletters you’ve sent. If you notice that fans always click on videos you link to, try to include a video in each newsletter.  Also, collect geographic information along with email addresses so that you can send tour alerts to people when you’re in the area.

Write in your voice.

Fans subscribe to your email list because they want to hear from you, so make sure you’re authentic in your communications.  Treat your messages like any other conversation with a fan.  Don’t overdo the slang and remember to have fun when writing it.

Keep it simple.

No need to have a flashy design or embedded video in every newsletter you send.  A clean look that allows fans to read and access the information you’re sending will often get good responses.

Include a call to action.

Always include something that requires your subscribers to engage with the newsletter.  It should  be something simple that can be done in 1 or 2 steps, like pressing a button to share the email on social networks or buy a new single online. It should always be easy to find and close to either the beginning or the end of the newsletter.

Never betray your fans’ trust.

Don’t sell your email list to other people.  It’s not cool.

For more tips on email newsletters, check out these other helpful articles I found:

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  • Ny

    Great article. I started a new position as an assistant to a label manager, and I am definitely going to be bring up these effective tips in our next meeting.

    • BeingAKB

      That’s great to know! Let me know if you used any of the ideas!